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SAFE-2520 Environmental Management
Credit hours: 2
Course Catalog URL: https://catalog.sanjuancollege.edu


Course Level: Undergraduate

Institution:San Juan College

Pre-requisites: None

Course Description: Course presents theories and principles of environmental safety regulatory issues and their practical uses in the workplace. This course provides knowledge about environmental issues such as air pollution, spills and releases, and toxic hazardous materials that have an effect on air, water, and land. This course will provide information on pollutants that cause safety and health risks to the public. The student will learn about the various environmental management systems, pollution control and control technologies that help to reduce emissions. Specific topics covered in this course are; air pollution control and mitigation, water and wastewater, solid waste, hazardous waste, and hazardous material spills and responses.

Course Syllabus:https://catalog.sanjuancollege.edu

Instructor Vitae:Peter Doerfert has a BA in Police Science from New Mexico State University.


Method of Instruction: Asynchronous, Canvas

Campus visits required: No

Course Contact: Sherri Schaaf

Email: schaafs@sanjuancollege.edu


Terms offered:


Other Considerations: https://bookstore.sanjuancollege.edu

Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 601
Instructor:James McDaniel

Class Start Date:Jan-14-19
Class End Date:Mar-08-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-09-2019


Section: 651
Instructor:James McDaniel

Class Start Date:Mar-11-19
Class End Date:May-03-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Mar-06-2019


Section: 401W
Instructor:Peter Doerfert

Class Start Date:May-20-19
Class End Date:Jul-12-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:May-14-2019

FALL 2019

Section: 201W
Instructor:James McDaniel

Class Start Date:Aug-26-19
Class End Date:Oct-18-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Aug-22-2019

FALL 2019

Section: 301W

Class Start Date:Oct-21-19
Class End Date:Dec-13-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Oct-15-2019


Section: 151W
Instructor:James McDaniel

Class Start Date:Jan-20-20
Class End Date:Mar-13-20
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-13-2020


Section: 351W
Instructor:James McDaniel

Class Start Date:Mar-11-20
Class End Date:May-08-20
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Mar-05-2020


Section: 201W

Class Start Date:Jan-18-21
Class End Date:Mar-12-21
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-11-2021

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