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NURS 778 Research Program Development III
Credit hours: 2 per Semester
Cluster: Research Methodology, Other


Course Level: Doctoral

Course Type: PhD


Course Open to: PhD Students

Institution:Virginia Commonwealth University

Pre-requisites: Student should have taken some form of methods, statistics, and design coursework as a focus of this course is peer review and students will do a peer review of a research manuscript.

Course Description: Focuses on collaboration within the research team and in the larger research community, leadership in the research team, the peer review process, and knowledge dissemination for the advancement of a program of research.


Method of Instruction: Some classes will be asynchronous and some will be synchronous using Collaborate

Delivery Platform: Blackboard

Campus visits required: 0

Course Contact: Fonda Neal



Tuition: $825/credit hour


Other considerations: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: 1. Examine the roles of interdisciplinary researchers within the community of scholars. 2. Analyze roles of nurse scientists as leaders and collaborators within interdisciplinary teams. 3. Analyze collaboration as a process underlying effective functioning of a research team. 4. Evaluate the peer review process as a means for advancing science. 5. Project linkages between one’s individual program of research and methods for knowledge dissemination for practice, theory & research.


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: C01
Instructor: Jeanne Salyer, PhD
Seats: 3
Credits: 2 / Semester
Start Date: 05-20-19
End Date: 07-26-19

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