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NURS 549/749 Evidence Driven Clinical and Organizational Effectiveness
Credit hours: 3 per Quarter
Cluster: Systems, Leadership, Informatics and Policy, Nursing Knowledge Development: Theory, Philosophy and Science


Course Level: Masters

Course Type:


Course Open to: all

Institution:Oregon Health & Science University

Pre-requisites: Graduate Standing

Course Description: This course will introduce and examine frameworks for measuring and evaluating organizational change with excellence as a driving force (e.g., LEAN, Capp and Baldridge). Optimizing outcomes for people (patients and service delivery personnel), process and product will be examined. Decision science, decision making tools (e.g., root cause analysis, SWOT and SOAR) and decision making grounded in the use of multiple types of existing data (i.e., epidemiological, risk, quality and research) will be examined for predictive analytics. Validity and reliability of existing data will be used to determine the potential consequences of decision making.


Method of Instruction: asynchronous

Delivery Platform: Sakai

Campus visits required: None

Course Contact: Iliana Garcia-Ellis



Tuition: 577.00 per quarter credit


Other considerations: N/A


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 1
Instructor: Amy Ross
Seats: 3
Credits: 3 / Quarter
Start Date: 04-01-19
End Date: 06-21-19


Section: 1
Instructor: Amy Ross
Seats: 3
Credits: 3 / Quarter
Start Date: 03-30-20
End Date: 06-12-20


Section: 1
Instructor: Lory Maddox
Seats: 3
Credits: 3 / Quarter
Start Date: 03-28-22
End Date: 06-10-22

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