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NUS 691 Advanced Information Technology Seminar
Credit hours: 1 per Semester
Cluster: Advanced Nursing Practice,


Course Level: Doctoral Advanced

Course Type: PhD


Course Open to: PhD Students

Institution:University at Buffalo


Course Description: This course analyzes the current and potential impact of computer-based communication technologies in health care practice, education, and research. Theoretical frameworks and current research related to information science, the human-machine (health professional-patient-machine) interface, and computer-based educational strategies will be explored. Special emphasis will be placed on current ethical, logistic, cultural, financial, and political issues that are accompanying the increasing use of the health related Internet applications by healthcare providers, consumers, and insurance companies. Objectives Upon completion of this seminar course, students will be able to: 1. Operationalize various web-based search strategies to access information resources for clinical practice, education, and research. 2. Evaluate the impact of web-based consumer education on current clinical practice. 3. Analyze the socio-cultural and political barriers to Internet access in relation to the current “digital divide”, which disadvantages some consumer groups. 4. Evaluate the use of computer-based strategies to augment patient care. 5. Evaluate the research applications of the Internet and other advanced communications technologies for selected patient groups. 6. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of using advanced communication technologies for didactic and clinical education.


Method of Instruction: synchronous

Delivery Platform: Synchronous

Campus visits required: None

Course Contact: UB Campus Staff Coordinator: Louiza Case



Tuition: NEXus common tuition


Other considerations: Time: Wednesday 16:00-17:50 EST


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: NUS 691
Instructor: Dr. Foltz-Ramos
Seats: 3
Credits: 1 / Semester
Start Date: 01-28-19
End Date: 05-10-19


Section: NUS 691
Instructor: TBA
Seats: 3
Credits: 1 / Semester
Start Date: 01-27-20
End Date: 05-09-20

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