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NURS 6303 Epidemiology
Credit hours: 3 per Semester
Cluster: Advanced Nursing Practice, Advanced Nursing Practice,Scientific Underpinnings for Advanced Nursing Practice


Course Level: Doctoral Foundational

Course Type:


Course Open to: DNP Students

Institution:University of Colorado

Pre-requisites: Not applicable.

Course Description: Concepts and methods of epidemiology are applied to advanced nursing practice with populations. Agent, host, and environmental factors used to examine environmental risks, issues of environmental justice, and models of care for high-risk populations will be examined and evaluated.


Method of Instruction: Asynchronous in Canvas.

Delivery Platform: Canvas

Campus visits required: Not Applicable

Course Contact: Office of Admissions and Student Affairs



Tuition: NEXus Common Price


Other considerations: By the end of this course, the learner will be able to: Analyze health, demographic, and vital statistics data that identify health risks and populations or groups at risk within communities of interest. Critically analyze a population health problem. Design appropriate interventions to manage a selected population health problem. Evaluate strength of evidence to make informed decisions for nursing practice and/or education. Apply established criteria for disease screening and disease/health surveillance to a health problem. Evaluate public and/or institutional policies that influence a particular health issue to ascertain the adequacy of population protection. Plan strategies for advancing nursing science related to epidemiological and environmental contexts and health. Discuss the origins and meanings of various concepts of environment as used in nursing and related disciplines. Provide data on the relationship between health and illness and the physical environment and the role of government in assuring safe environments for all citizens. Evaluate public policies that protect or pose threats to social justice in vulnerable communities related to physical environmental hazards. Open to PhD and DNP students.


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 5IN
Instructor: TBA
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 01-24-22
End Date: 05-20-22


Section: BXN
Instructor: TBA
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 06-06-22
End Date: 08-12-22

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