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NUR 672 Design and Delivery of Mediated Instruction
Credit hours: 3 per Semester
Cluster: Nurse Education,


Course Level: Doctoral

Course Type: PhD


Course Open to:

Institution:Arizona State University

Pre-requisites: Admission to a Nursing Graduate Degree or Certificate program. Students should have a basic understanding of curriculum development principles, ideally through successful completion of a nursing education or curriculum development course; NUR 671: Teaching in Academic and Practice Settings

Course Description: This course provides an in-depth review of adult learning theory as it is enacted in an online or electronically mediated context. Students examine relevant research, best-practices and instructional design issues related to online nursing education. The course will provide learners the opportunity to “work and learn” as they interact online with course material, fellow students and faculty. Students will design and deliver a web-based learning activity related to a negotiated area of interest and will participate in peer review of classmates’ modules. The role of the nurse educator in planning, producing and evaluating culturally responsive programs will also be explored.


Method of Instruction: other

Delivery Platform: Canvas

Campus visits required: None

Course Contact: Kristen Grubbs



Tuition: NEXus Common Price


Other considerations: Courses are open to PhD and DNP students. Courses are subject to enrollment and can be canceled if there is not sufficient enrollment to run the course.


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 42750
Instructor: TBA
Seats: 3
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 05-20-19
End Date: 07-11-19


Section: 42369
Instructor: Dr. Sanborn
Seats: 3
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 05-18-20
End Date: 07-10-20


Section: 42062
Instructor: Dr. Sanborn
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 05-17-21
End Date: 07-09-21

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FALL 2021

Section: 95097
Instructor: Dr. Heidi Sanborn
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 08-19-21
End Date: 10-08-21


Section: 41846
Instructor: Dr. Sanborn
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 05-16-22
End Date: 07-08-22

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FALL 2022

Section: 97094
Instructor: TBA
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 08-18-22
End Date: 10-07-22

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