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GERON 6050 Best Practices in Geriatric Care
Credit hours: 3 per Semester
Cluster: Gerontology, Gerontology


Course Level: Masters

Course Type:


Course Open to:

Institution:University of Utah

Pre-requisites: Instructor Consent

Course Description: ATTENTION: THIS IS A MASTERS LEVEL COURSE. OVERVIEW OF CONTENT: The course presents an overview of evidence-based best practices in the care of the older client and his/her family and focuses on assessment and management of symptoms associated with safety risks and syndromes common in older adults. Specific content includes detection and management of pain, falls, medication safety, end-of-life care, behavioral syndromes, formal and familial caregiving, and care of older adults in the hospital and other settings. The impact of attitudes, ethical issues, special communication needs, and culture on the care of the older adult are also considered. OBJECTIVES: 1. Compare and contrast evidence-based practice, best practices, standards of practice, and practice guidelines. 2. Utilize the appropriate strategies, terminology, and resources to address issues in geriatric care and long-term care. 3. Apply the evidence for best practices to case studies in the content areas of mobility/exercise, pain/palliation, nutrition/elimination, cognitive/behavioral and medication safety/polypharmacy. 4. Apply the quality improvement process, incorporating multiple disciplines and healthcare professionals. 5. Plan age-appropriate communication activities and education with older adults and family caregivers. 6. Present a quality improvement project incorporating nursing and healthcare research best practices, and impact evaluation.


Method of Instruction: asynchronous

Delivery Platform: Online

Campus visits required: None

Course Contact: Heather Clarkson



Tuition: current NEXus tuition rate


Other considerations: Masters, PhD, and DNP Students Welcome!


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 091
Instructor: Nanci McLesky, DNP
Seats: 25
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 01-19-19
End Date: 05-03-19

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Section: 091
Instructor: TBA
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 01-20-20
End Date: 05-02-20

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Section: 091
Instructor: Nanci McLesky, DNP
Seats: 5
Credits: 3 / Semester
Start Date: 01-21-21
End Date: 05-05-21

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