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PAD 210 ONL Public Sector Management
Credit hours: 3


Course Level: Undergraduate

Institution:Navajo Tech University

Pre-requisites: NA

Course Description: This course provides an overview of the key issues to be addressed and explain on public administration. It will also describe the political actors and institutions external to a government agency that help determine the success or failure of that agency in accomplishing its mission. It will also give an opportunity for student to examine the strategies and structures that government agencies adopt to operate effectively and efficiently in their environments. Public sector management also broadened student knowledge on government systems designed for managing human, fiscal and information resources. This course also recognizes the importance of student developing basic management skills such as communication, motivation, teamwork and group dynamics, decision making, power, influence, and leadership. The course will employ variety of cases, exercises, and simulation to give students some sense of real-world implications of their actions, learn from one’s experience, reflection and insights.

Course Syllabus:http://www.navajotech.edu/academics/course-descriptions#public-administration

Instructor Vitae:


Method of Instruction: Online using Moodle at https://moodle.navajotech.edu/

Campus visits required: No

Course Contact: Coleen Arviso

Email: ccaarviso@navajotech.edu


Terms offered:


Other Considerations: http://www.navajotech.edu/academics/e-learning


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Section: PAD 210
Instructor:Ma-Ethel Ramirez

Class Start Date:Jan-22-19
Class End Date:May-16-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-29-2019

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