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Biol 111GL Natural History of Life LAB
Credit hours: 1


Course Level: Undergraduate

Institution:New Mexico State University – Alamogordo

Pre-requisites: Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): BIOL 111G; Currently enrolled in MATH 120, grade of C- or better in MATH 120, or a Math Placement Exam score adequate to enroll in mathematics courses beyond MATH 120.

Course Description: Laboratory experiments, demonstrations and exercises on interrelationships among organisms, biodiversity, processes of evolution, and interaction of organisms and their environment. Appropriate for science and nonscience majors. May be repeated up to 1 credits.

Course Syllabus:n/a

Instructor Vitae:n/a


Method of Instruction: Online; Facilitated through CANVAS (LMS). Information will be emailed to through student's college email regarding login. NMSU-A online courses have completed Quality Matters review.

Campus visits required: 0

Course Contact: Sarah Cerra

Email: scerra@nmsu.edu


Terms offered:


Other Considerations: No Textbook Required


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: A20
Instructor:Gloria Villaverde

Class Start Date:Jan-17-18
Class End Date:May-11-18
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-12-2018

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