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HITP-170 Physician Coding (CPT-4)
Credit hours: 3


Course Level: Undergraduate

Institution:San Juan College

Pre-requisites: None

Course Description: This entry-level course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to learn and apply basic CPT-4 and HCPCS principles and guidelines to code outpatient visits.

Course Syllabus:http://catalog.sanjuancollege.edu/mime/download.pdf?catoid=7&ftype=2&foid=4359

Instructor Vitae:Alice Jaramillo has an AAS in Health Information Technology


Method of Instruction: Asynchronous, Canvas

Campus visits required: No

Course Contact: Karen Acree

Email: acreek@sanjuancollege.edu


Terms offered:


Other Considerations: http://bookstore.sanjuancollege.edu Quality Matters Certified Course


Available Seats by Semester for this course:


FALL 2018

Section: 601
Instructor:Alice Jaramillo

Class Start Date:Aug-20-18
Class End Date:Dec-12-18
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Aug-17-2018


Section: 601
Instructor:Alice Jaramillo

Class Start Date:Jan-15-18
Class End Date:May-09-18
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-08-2018


Section: 602
Instructor:Tina Bruce

Class Start Date:Jan-14-19
Class End Date:May-08-19
Seats:0 / 5
Seats return deadline:Jan-09-2019

FALL 2017

Section: 601
Instructor:Alice Jaramillo

Class Start Date:Aug-21-17
Class End Date:Dec-13-17
Seats:10 / 5
Seats return deadline:Aug-17-2017

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