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Math 110-09 College Algebra
Credit hours: 4


Course Level: Pre-College

Institution:Mesalands Community College

Pre-requisites: A grade of C or better in Basic Algebra Math 107 or appropriate score on Accuplacer Assessment Placement Test. Textbook - Essential College algebra, by Rockwold 5th Edition, Pearson 2013 ISBN: 0321826132

Course Description: This course is the study of the properties of functions and transformation of functions with an analysis of their graphs. The types of functions studies include: linear functions and systems of linear equations, quadratic and polynomial functions, rational and radical functions, and exponential and logarithmic functions. these functions will be used to model data in a variety of applications.

Course Syllabus:NA

Instructor Vitae:NA


Method of Instruction: Online

Campus visits required: 0

Course Contact: Maria Schmitt

Email: marias@mesalands.edu


Terms offered:


Other Considerations: A graphing calculator such as the TI-83+ or TI-84+ is required for this course


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 110-09
Instructor:Dr. Ali Ahmad

Class Start Date:Jan-16-18
Class End Date:May-10-18
Seats:0 / 15
Seats return deadline:Feb-05-2018


Section: 110-09
Instructor:Ali M. Ahmad

Class Start Date:Jan-14-19
Class End Date:May-02-19
Seats:0 / 15
Seats return deadline:Feb-06-2019

College closed: 01/21/2019 Mid-terms week: 03/11-15/2019 Spring Break (College Closed): 03/25-29/2019 Spring Holiday: 04/19/2019 Grades due from instructor: 05/06/2019 This is an asynchronous delivered through Moodle.

FALL 2017

Section: 110-09
Instructor:Ali Ahmad

Class Start Date:Aug-21-17
Class End Date:Dec-07-17
Seats:0 / 15
Seats return deadline:Aug-30-2017

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