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NURS:5002 Leadership & Management Essentials
Credit hours: 3 per Semester
Cluster: Systems, Leadership, Informatics and Policy, Other


Course Level: Doctoral Foundational

Course Type: DNP

IPE: Yes - Course offered by CON/SON with course content focused on interprofessional collaboration/communication/teamwork

Course Open to: all

Institution:The University of Iowa


Course Description: This course focuses on roles and strategies for leading and managing others in healthcare environments to influence healthcare delivery and provide a healthy, innovative working environment. The content in this course focuses on selected leadership and organizational concepts essential to leaders in healthcare. Core Concepts The core concepts for this course are focused on the microsystem level such as leadership, followership, management, teamwork, communication, collaboration skills, power, conflict resolution, change management, lifelong learning, and career planning. Course Objectives Through discussion and completion of assigned activities, the student will be able to: 1. Analyze selected leadership, management, and organizational theories useful for leaders in healthcare organizations. 2. Explore concepts that influence the role, behaviors, and success of nurses in leadership roles. 3. Develop knowledge and skills to enhance performance as a leader and a follower in a variety of situations. 4. Discuss strategies to promote a professional, work environment for practice across settings and for a professional career focused on lifelong learning and personal growth.


Method of Instruction: Asynchronous

Delivery Platform: Canvas

Campus visits required: No

Course Contact: Lin Pierce



Tuition: NEXus Common Price


Other considerations: Open to doctoral level students only.


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 0EXW
Instructor:Diane Huber, PhD, RN
Credits: 3 / Semester

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Section: 0EXW
Instructor:Diane L Huber
Credits: 3 / Semester


Section: 0EXW
Instructor:Diane L Huber
Credits: 3 / Semester

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