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NURS 599/799 Strategic Innovation & Health Care Complexity
Credit hours: 3 per Quarter
Cluster: Systems, Leadership, Informatics and Policy,


Course Level: Masters

Course Type: DNP


Course Open to: Masters Students

Institution:Oregon Health and Science University

Pre-requisites: Graduate standing or by permission of instructor for doctoral students

Course Description: This course develops knowledge and competency in setting strategic goals, establishing effective tactics, and measurable, realistic benchmarks to innovate and improve organizational culture. The principle concepts we will explore and apply to healthcare are: Strategic planning in complexity, 2) innovation and improvement; 3) organizational culture and climate; 4) strategic leadership and management; and 5) “coopetition.” We will discuss the role of leadership in implementing whole system change in complex adaptive systems as well as managerial strategies for successful implementation and of sustainable innovations while managing short term operations. We will focus on the role of organizational learning, communities of practice, and relationships when managing complex adaptive systems.


Method of Instruction: other

Delivery Platform: Sakai

Campus visits required: 0

Course Contact: Alyssa Luu



Tuition: $550 per quarter hour


Other considerations: Course open to DNP and Masters Students


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: NURS 599/799
Instructor:Kristen Crusoe
Credits: 3 / Quarter

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